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Mini table flag

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Flag printed in 1 color or four-color,

Chrome pole 32cm high,

Chrome Aluminum,

Flag size 25x15cm

Made of 100 polyester fabrics% weight 115 grs / m²

Printing is done by sublimation on the front and the back is visible in transparency

Clean cut around the flag

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32cm table flag: an excellent communication object for your office

Looking for a small but effective promotional product? The mini table flag is the product par excellence which can ensure your communication. It is able to enhance the brand image of your company, carry the theme or name of an event, present your logo as well as your products and services. But still, this kind of support is an unparalleled decoration for your office and reception counter when it is declined in the colors of your company or of the Countries. The small representative is to be placed on the tables during various ceremonies, conferences, meetings, and all kinds of professional and cultural events … where all countries from the four corners of the world North, South, East and West meet.

So whether you are professionals operating in any field or just private individuals, the mini table flag is dedicated for you.

Discover the personalized mini table flag at is the specialist you need for the creation of your promotional products. Thus, we offer this type of table flag with the best offer of the moment, correctly responding to the quality / price ratio criterion. Know then that you can have a discount of -45.5 € from 25 items purchased. But best of all, you can save up to € 1,750 for purchases of small flags over 2,500 pieces.

This small table flag is available in one size which has been standardized. The height of its chrome mast is 32cm, and the dimension of its sail is 25 x 15cm.

Of course, the mini table flag is not only a promotional product, it is a decorative product in its own right, capable of embellishing and giving style to your offices, various rooms, and sales counters.

Make your mini table flag at guarantees you a high-end product with unique finishes, as well as a service worthy of the name, provided by professionals. We are able to offer you an advertising product with incomparable visual strength, at a lower cost and with ease.

Treat yourself to a quality personalized mini table flag at

Paying particular attention to the requirements of its customers, is the professional in the design and sale of communication tools, combining quality, dynamism and efficiency. Our mini table flag models have been manufactured with care and technique to suit your different expectations. This communication tool has all the characteristics of a good advertising product.

Intended to be placed on tables, this model of mini table flag is smaller in size compared to other types of advertising flag. But this will in no way be a handicap for its functionality. On the contrary, this template gives it an even more attractive and aesthetic appearance.

The mini flag of table has a chromed aluminum pole. The material used for the design of its support is totally different from its friends, and mainly flag models with a larger format (banner, windflag, etc.). Indeed, this choice of material is essential in terms of ergonomics, practicality and durability. Chromed aluminum is a durable material that is preserved against the risk of corrosion which can potentially cause rapid deterioration of the material. This material is also light and ultra handy. In addition, the chrome aluminum is clean and classy. The mast of the mini table flag personalized is indeed an article intended to last over time.

All of our items are made from premium quality materials.

The fabric that makes up the sail of the mini table flag meanwhile is made with polyester 100% of 115 grs / m2 of density. Polyester is the material par excellence for the design of advertising flag sails. It is ideal for accommodating any style of graphic, whether it is simple designs comprising only one color (white, blue, red, green, etc.), or even the most complex designs with multiple shades. Thus, we provide you with 1-color printing, and also four-color sublimation. You can freely choose the kind and number of colors to use. There is no limit. Your choice only depends on the graphics you want to print. Whatever your choice of printing technique, we are able to amply satisfy you with flag products with unique qualities.

In terms of design, we have chosen to make a clean cut around the flag to give a more sober appearance to the object.

Also note that the polyester fabric can be maintained, and it is in the greatest ease.

Place your order of mini table flag at and benefit from advantageous service

Whether you want to enhance your company’s brand image, promote your products and services, or simply decorate your table, the mini table flag is your best ally.

Indeed, the mini polyester table flag gives you a boost for your visibility with your customers and target audiences. The little ambassador gives you the opportunity to stand out cleanly.

Come see our site and order your mini table stand directly on the site and select from the options offered the characteristics corresponding to your order (the type of printing and the quantity of the order). Note, among other things, that the minimum order quantity accepted is approx. 10 pieces. Don’t forget to download and send us the different graphic files that you want to print on the mini table flag so that we can process them and adapt them to the needs of the product. A prototype of your future flag will then be sent to you to be validated, and we await your confirmation to then proceed to the printing stage.

We will make sure that you receive your flags as soon as possible. Generally, the delivery time is counted from the moment when the proof for press is made.

Note that our company also manufactures large polyester flags of all countries (France, Morocco, Poland, …) which are weather resistant and with a finish hems, eyelets, straps, sleeves, hooks.

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