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Néotrago stand

The Néotrago stand is an arched wall, folded vertically, it is a textile wall with printing on the fabric that can be machine washed.

Stretch fabric 230 gr, flame retardant, and stretched on the structure of the aluminum frame and finished with zipper at the bottom to keep the aesthetic quality.

Your project keeps bright colors and the curved construction draws attention


  • Stand with horizontal and curved textile wall in an aluminum system.
  • Sublimation printing, on stretch polyester fabrics 230 grs / m2; washable and flame retardant.
  • Fabric stretched over the structure and finished with a zipper sewn from the bottom.
  • Easy to assemble (assembly without tools); ease thanks to numbered elements.
  • Construction in aluminum tubes with a diameter of 30 and 32 mm
  • Stabilizer feet included
  • Single-sided or double-sided printing.

The set includes: the complete aluminum system, the printed fabrics and a transport bag.

Stand height: 2.30 meters

Stand width: two sizes available of 3 or 5 meters

Demande de devis

For your professional events, opt for the customizable Néotrago exhibition stand

For your promotional trade shows, showrooms, and exhibitions or other events, the trade fair stand remains the ideal event marketing tool that will showcase your brand image and your products in the eyes of target audiences. At the entrance to your premises, just like inside or in a showroom, the exhibition stand customizable will fit perfectly with the environment and context you choose. The first contact between visitors and your companies will be very easy thanks to the solution we offer. It is a very complete kit that will allow you to display your company logo, your products and your services as you wish. 100% customizable and practical, the Néotrago stand model is an arched backdrop that folds vertically.

Structure of the Néotrago stand

  • This exhibition stand benefits from a curved aluminum structure that is fully removable. Its horizontal textile wall is a printable medium that allows you, according to your needs, to facilitate the exhibition and presentation of your products or services to any type of customer, and to bring a good visual to your company. Washable and flame retardant, the quality of its stretch polyester fabric with a density of 230grs / m2 remains one of its greatest assets. Printable fabric stretches along the frame with a zipper finish that is sewn from below. The Néotrago stand also has ultra stable feet which have been specially designed with an improved installation system, so that the latter stands comfortably and adapts perfectly to the surface of the ground. This system allows the Néotrago stand to stabilize properly whatever the conditions in which it will be positioned during your various professional events and exhibitions.
  • In terms of assembly and installation, the exhibition stand is a technically simple communication medium to assemble. No additional tools are required to assemble this stand. Thanks to the various pieces already numbered in advance that compose it, you will save precious time for its installation during your shows and exhibitions, whatever the type and size of space to be occupied. This type of exhibition stand can be taken down and set up in just a few minutes. It is a product that can be reused indefinitely and whose longevity is not to be called into question. The exhibition stand is composed of a frame in fairly rigid aluminum tubes with a diameter of 30 and 32mm.
  • The exhibition stand can accommodate your advertisements (company logo, product, service, etc.) printed on one side or on both sides. Among other things, you will be able to acquire, apart, just the fabric for your needs in case of wear of the old one, or for more professional reasons of renewal of visual for a new living room.
  • This stand or image wall is an effective and satisfying exhibition marketing tool. It is a very complete kit which consists of an aluminum structure with an easy and robust assembly system, a printed fabric, as well as a cover for its protection and transport.

How to design a custom modular exhibition stand?

  • is the specialist store that can offer you the best model of custom exhibition stand whatever your needs. We have in stock for this booth model, two different types of exhibition booth sizes available. The medium model with a dimension of 230 x 300 x 50 cm for a total weight of 12.9 kg. The large model with a dimension of 230 x 500 x 50 cm for a total weight of 18.4 kg. Indeed, both respect the quality standards in force to which we have always set ourselves.
  • We have a team of experts who will know how to respond instinctively to your most demanding requests. In most cases, all you have to do is entrust us with your project, and we will take care of the rest. We can create a tailor-made exhibition stand for you with a unique design for the perfect coverage of your corporate advertising at your next professional event, media fair, exhibition or convention.
  • Realize your custom exhibition stand at guarantees a quality product taken care of by experts in the field. We are in the best position to create the perfect exhibition stands that will bring a beautiful image to your business and your products.
  • Also order promotional items from us to distribute during your trade shows and advertising textile to dress your salespeople.

Place your umbrella stand order now

Place your exhibition stand order and, or Umbrella stand directly on our online sales site. It is a dynamic site of great practicality. To do so, you just have to choose the corresponding product with all the available options that already relate to your needs. You will be offered the choice of stand sizes, the type of printing, the availability of the transport bag with wheels, and also the quantity of the product to buy. Once done, you can validate your request and make the payment online.

For the technical construction of stands and Umbrella stand, you must download your print files and send them to us. If necessary, our team of graphic designers will take care of adapting them according to the needs of the exhibition stand for a better visual and aesthetic presentation. You will not be charged any additional costs in this case. We will then take care of sending you proof of your order by email, and in the meantime you can validate the visuals of the stands that we offer. Once we have your agreement, we proceed directly to materialize your request (printing, design, etc.).

Generally, the delivery time for the printing of the stand is counted from the moment we obtain your authorization on the virtual proof. This period is 6 to 7 days. Take this period into account when preparing your trade shows.

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