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Ovis counter

The small oval conference stand, Ovis, will be perfect as an information stand or counter on an exhibition stand.

The aluminum structure can withstand loads of up to 50 kg. The fabric
flexible with graphics that are stretched over a metal structure. printing is done using the sublimation method. The fabric has silicone rods which are clipped into the counter.

Advantages of Stand Ovis:

  • textile graphics on elastic fabric
  • an elegant worktop in black furniture plank
  • maximum load up to 50 kg
  • stable structure made of aluminum tubes with a diameter of 32 mm
  • Carry bag included.

Size (W) x (H) x (D): 60 x 45 x 100 cm

Weight: 8.6 kg

Demande de devis

Printing trade fair counter, an essential ally for all exhibitors

For presentations at trade fairs and other professional public events, the reception desk is an essential promotional support. It allows you to increase the notoriety of your establishment on your stand or during a commercial operation.

A trade fair counter will give your company a professional image

the living room counter is not only intended to put up interior signage in your establishment. It can also be used as a counter to orient guests and as an information station to inform the public and / or a display stand for flyers and brochures.

Greeting your guests warmly and appropriately is essential when attending a fair. You can have a more pleasant conversation with your interlocutors by using a reception desk. During a business event, this model of communication tool is useful for professionals. Indeed, during a trade show, this type of counter is frequently used to present the establishment’s offer to participants or to distribute samples.

This is the object you need, whether you are a mechanic or a wine seller, whether you want to stand out at a trade fair. It is a structure that can be seen from afar. Depending on your requests, the living room counter advertising can convey information or promote a product. It is convenient since it can store items such as paper, pencils or a computer, as well as promotional items such as flyers and other documents. It allows you to be easily recognized in a professional event. If you want to stand out and attract new consumers, this equipment can make all the difference.

Professional counter, an essential element for welcoming your customers and partners

At trade shows, the living room counter point of sale is an excellent communication product for the marketing of a business establishment. It is usually placed at the entrance to the show so that it can be seen by all visitors. Well done, this equipment enhances the brand image of the company. The logo, as well as the name of the items and / or services that the company sells, are usually displayed on the counter.

This material must be in accordance with the values of the brand as well as with the objective of the marketing strategy. It’s about attracting prospects and / or consumers to your booth. It has a very useful shelf for storing brochures, drinks or materials (stapler, notepad, pencils or candy, etc.) outside of the display area.

the living room counter is ideal for welcoming your clients and is highly regarded by professionals throughout a trade show. This equipment can be used not only to dress but also to make a booth more useful. This device can be used as a desk for the demonstration of a new product. Easy to assemble, you can simply modify the visuals to match the communication that your customers would like to have on the exhibition space.

A stand counter, an efficient and simple event advertising tool

Many companies use various advertising tools to increase their visibility. the living room counter, which is used in retail stores, is one such medium. It allows you to communicate directly with prospects / customers in front of a department, by delivering the right message. You will be sure to capture attention and make an impact with the quality impression of your visual identity.

Used in a shopping center during a product launch or any other event, our reception counter is a collapsible counter that includes a carrying bag so you can easily carry it to all your professional events and which has a system of quick assembly and disassembly. The advertising stand is easy to transport and set up. You can take your reception desk with you everywhere and on any occasion for maximum visibility.

You can set yourself apart from your competitors by having a personalized reception desk with Abcprint. Indeed, this accessory is the tool of choice to promote your brand and strengthen your marketing identity, thanks to its large printing surface.

A trade fair counter, an easily manageable mobile stand

Are you organizing a business meeting? Do you exhibit in a trade show, an exhibition or do you want to stand out in a showroom? The advertising reception desk can be used for various purposes. For a long-term investment, we recommend that you make a counter that reflects your business image unique at

You can reserve a personalized welcome for your customers and prospects by building a tailor-made trade fair counter. The counter is a privileged place from where you can receive, inform and provide presentation documents while maintaining maximum visibility. If you need an attractively priced counter, contact us and our specialists will get back to you with their best solution within 24 hours.

You can complete your exhibition stand with other easily transportable supports on Abcprint. Always with a strong visual communication potential, we offer you a professional stand. We create all personalized advertising media on request. Whether for a reception counter, or any other need for an advertising product, our digital printing specialists will answer your questions and requests. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Order your mobile professional stand counter, conveniently online

Your reception desk can be made to measure according to your specifications. You can use it to establish a memorable identity when renting a booth at a trade fair. If you personalize it, it will turn into a real promotional item. So, to make a memorable stand, choose a living room counter that matches the colors of your company on

You can be sure that with an advertising trade show counter you will not go unnoticed. Presented to as many customers as possible, this material will be appreciated. To design and present an effective stand, the counter is an important element of the POS. This is why it is important to entrust its creation to specialists in order to avoid projecting a blurry image of your company. We provide our professional printing services for the realization of a trade show counter adapted to your needs at Abcprint.

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