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POP brochure holder

POP brochure holder

For A4 Size Brochure

Size: 143 cm

Weight:7 kg

Bays: 7

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Discover our custom POP brochure, the essential accessory to promote your business and communicate effectively with your customers. Give visibility to your personalized brochures and mark the spirits from the first contact.

Benefits of the product:

      Optimum organization: With its seven compartments, our brochure POP offers an optimal organisation for your brochures in A4 format. Classify them by categories, products or services, thus facilitating the search for information for your customers. Be sure to offer a smooth and pleasant experience.

      Powerful visual impact: Thanks to its size of 143 cm, the POP brochure holder stands out and instantly attracts attention. Emphasize your personalized brochures with style and capture the look of your audience. Be memorable in a world filled with solicitations.

      Durability and practicality: Made with quality materials, our POP brochure holder is designed to last. Its solid structure ensures optimal stability and carefree use. In addition, it is easy to carry and install, allowing you to strategically position it according to your needs.

The advantages of the POP custom brochure holder:

      Present your offer in an organized and attractive manner : Our brochure POP allows you to present your offer in an organized and attractive way. With its seven spacious compartments, you can easily highlight your brochures and captivate the attention of your customers. Thanks to a careful presentation, you strengthen your professional image and gain credibility.

       Pay attention with an imposing design : The POP brochure holder is distinguished by its imposing design of 143 cm. Take advantage of this size to instantly attract the attention of your target audience. Whether it’s a living room, an exhibition or a point of sale, your brochure holder will be a real eye magnet, allowing you to stand out from competition.

       A sustainable tool for long-term communication : Sustainability is a key feature of our POP brochure door. Made with superior materials, it resists intensive use while maintaining its new appearance. Investing in this advertising tool ensures effective long-term communication, thus strengthening your return on investment.

      Easy to carry and install, for practical use : The ease of transport and installation is a major advantage of the POP brochure door. Its light weight of 7 kg makes it an ideal travel companion during your professional trips. In addition, its quick installation allows you to set it in just a few minutes, leaving you more time to focus on your goals.

Don’t wait anymore, ask now your quote for the pOP custom brochure holder on ABC Print and give your communication a boost. Put forward your personalized brochures with style, efficiency and impact. Contact us now to discuss your needs and get an ad support that stands out from your competitors.


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