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Bamboo cup (218gsm)

Quadri marking

Colors: brown

Capacity: 26.5cl

Quantity in multiple of 5000pcs

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Customized cup in Bamboo 26.5cl: Eco-responsibility and Impact Communication

Looking for an innovative way to promote your business while adopting an ecological approach? Opt for our Customized Bamboo cup 26.5cl, a solution that is both environmentally friendly and efficient to communicate with your customers.

Combine your image with eco-responsibility thanks to our 26.5cl bamboo cup, personalized communication support for sustainable and impacting values.


      Daily Ecology : Made in bamboo (218gsm), it encourages the abandonment of disposable cups, strengthening your commitment to environmental protection.

      Memorial customization : Offer your customers a unique cup, marked with your logo, for a communication that stays within reach.

      Natural colours : Its natural brown shade conveys an image of quality and authenticity, strengthening the visual identity of your company.


      Daily Ecology : Make the difference by replacing the disposable cups with our bamboo cup. Made from durable and light material, it fits perfectly in an eco-responsible approach. Not only do you reduce your ecological footprint, but you also sensitize your customers to this important cause.

      Memorial customization : Our cup offers an ideal customization space to highlight your business. Your logo, slogan or message printed in four-marking offers maximum visibility. At each sip, your customers will remember your brand, thus strengthening your presence in their minds.

      Authentic aesthetic : The bamboo cup is distinguished by its natural brown color, evoking heat and authenticity. Its unique and natural design helps to convey a quality and durability image, aligned with your company’s values.

      Flexible : You can order this multi-piece cup, offering you optimal flexibility to meet your communication needs while mastering your costs.

Opt for an eco-responsible and memorable communication thanks to our Customized cup in Bamboo 26.5cl. Customize it according to your preferences and combine your brand with sustainability values. Contact us today to get a personalized quote.

To combine impacting communication and environmental engagement, choose our bamboo cup. To order, go to ABC Print.


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