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Bamboo cup (218gsm)

Quadri marking

Colors: brown

Capacity: 40cl

Quantity in multiple of 5000pcs

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Advertising cup in Bamboo 40cl – Eco-Friendly and Impactant

Looking for an ecological and effective way to promote your business while respecting the environment? Discover our Bamboo 40cl advertising cup, a smart choice for companies wishing to communicate with their customers in a sustainable way.

Opt for our 40cl bamboo cup, combining ecology and visibility. Customize it for responsible and impacting communication with your customers.


      Ecological and sustainable : Made of bamboo (218gsm), it replaces plastic cups with a good effect while contributing to waste reduction.

      Impacting : Mark your logo or message for a communication that stands out for each use.

      Natural design : Its natural brown color reflects your commitment to sustainability, combining your brand with quality and respect for the environment.


      Ecology and Sustainability : Our bamboo cup is an environmentally friendly choice. Made from light but solid bamboo, it significantly reduces the use of single-use plastic. By choosing this cup, you actively participate in the reduction of plastic waste while promoting your business.

      Impacting : You want your company to stand out? Customize this cup with your logo, your slogan or any other relevant message. The Quad Marking offers exceptional printing quality, ensuring that your communication remains visible and memorable.

      Natural and warm design : The bamboo cup offers a natural design, combined with a sensation of warmth and quality. Your customers will appreciate its aesthetic and pleasant texture. This is the ideal opportunity to show your commitment to sustainability and quality.

      Flexible : You have the option of ordering this cup by multiple of 5,000 pieces, which allows you to control your costs while taking advantage of an effective promotion tool.

Choose sustainability and impacting communication with our Advertising cup in Bamboo 40cl. Customize it according to your needs and start a responsible communication with your customers. Contact us now for a personalized quote.

Take a step towards a more environmentally friendly future while promoting your business in a memorable way through our bamboo cup. To place an order, go to ABC Print.


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