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Material: Bamboo

Dimensions: 195x8mm

Laser engraved logo included (no pad printing)

Sold individually

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Personalized poultry in Bamboo: Ecological Elegance to Your Image

Looking for an original and environmentally friendly communication? Opt for our Personalized poultry in Bamboo and leave your lasting footprint in your customers’ mind. Discover the unique advantages of this essential product:


      Ecology of the First Plan : Made of natural bamboo, this straw is an elegant and ecological alternative to disposable plastic straws, thus contributing to the reduction of plastic waste.

      Authentic customization : Burn your laser logo for a subtle and refined finish that resists time, adding a touch of sophistication to each sip.

      Durable : Offer your customers a reusable and durable accessory that will accompany them daily, while promoting your brand.


      Natural and Authentic : The bamboo material provides a natural sensation during each use, while the laser-engraved logo shows your attention to detail.

      Perfect Dimensions : With its dimensions 195x8mm, this straw easily adapts to various types of glasses and drinks.

      A Message that Dure : Unlike other marking methods, laser engraving ensures exceptional durability, thus ensuring the visibility of your logo for a long time.

      A Precious Gift : Whether as a business gift, during promotional events or as a sales item, this personalized bamboo straw leaves a memorable impression.

To add an eco-chic touch to your communication and mark minds, choose our Personalized poultry in Bamboo. Rendez-vous on ABC Print to get a personalized quote today. Contribute to the preservation of the environment while highlighting your brand in an elegant and sustainable way.


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