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Sail ballpoint pen

Plastic ballpoint pen with metal handle.

It comes with a blue refill.

Matter : plastic

Colors: Green

Customs code : 9608109200

Dimensions (width/height/depth) [mm] : 140×12×12

Marking method: Pad printing on the body – side 1 and 2

Maximum decoration size (width/height)[mm] : 50/6

Maximum quantity of colors: 4

Printing time: 4 working days

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Embark on a successful communication with Sail Personalized Ballpoint Pen. Its unique design combining plastic and metal handle offers a comfortable grip to write with style and leave your fingerprint.

Benefits of the product :

      An ergonomic design for a pleasant writing experience: The Sail Pen combines a durable plastic body with a metal handle, offering an ergonomic grip that allows smooth and effortless writing. You can write your messages with ease and comfort.

      Bright colors to draw attention: Available in bright green, the Stylo Sail will not go unnoticed. Its bright color will add a touch of dynamism to your communication and will captivate the attention of your customers.

      Customization to your image: Thanks to the tampography method on the body, you can customize the Stylo Sail with your logo, company name or any other promotional message. Each time your customers use this pen, they will remember your company and your commitment to quality.

Benefits :

       Optimum writing comfort : The Stylo Sail has been specially designed to offer optimal writing comfort. Its metal handle ensures a pleasant and stable grip, allowing you to write for long periods without feeling tired. Free your creativity without constraints.

       Enhanced visibility : With its vibrant green color, the Stylo Sail stands out and draws attention immediately. Whether at meetings, trade shows or simple daily interactions, your message will be highlighted with this percuting advertising pen. Make your mark shine!

       Personalization in your image : Express your brand identity by customizing the Stylo Sail. With tampography on the body, you can display your logo, your slogan or any other relevant graphical element. Offer your customers a unique pen that reflects the professional and innovative image of your business.

       Reactivity and speed : With a printing time of only 4 working days, the Stylo Sail allows you to act quickly in your communication. Whether for a promotional campaign, a special event or simply to strengthen your presence, this custom pen is ready to propel your messages.

Don’t wait anymore, customize your message with the Custom Sail ballpoint pen ! Visit our website now and ask for a quote to create a pen that perfectly reflects the image of your company. Let your creativity take the wide and make each writing a memorable moment.


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