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San José advertising display

Advertising display in plywood (birch).

These displays are characterized by:

• High resistance: capacity of 30 kg per shelf

• Tool-free assembly system

• Quick and easy assembly

• Plywood thickness: 6.5mm;

• Dimensions: hxwxd: 190 x 80 x 32 cm;

• Perfect for wine.

• Personalization with direct UV printing in four-color process

All other sizes and shapes on request.

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Start with San José Advertising Display in custom wood plywood, the ideal choice to showcase your wines and seduce your customers!

Benefits of the product :

      High strength: capacity of 30 kg per shelf.

      Mounting without tools, simple and fast.

      Personalization in quadrichromia for a percuting communication.

Benefits :

       An elegant presentation for your wines : Discover the San José Advertising Display, specially designed to enhance your wines and stimulate the interest of your customers. Thanks to its quality wood plywood and its thickness of 6.5 mm, this display offers high resistance and optimal stability, guaranteeing a refined and secure presentation of your bottles. Its toolless assembly system greatly simplifies its installation, allowing you to focus on the essentials: promote your wines and interact with your audience. With a direct UV printing customization, you can create a unique design that reflects the image of your brand and attracts the attention of wine lovers.

       Versatility for all your advertising needs : The San José Advertising Display offers exceptional versatility to meet your advertising needs. Whether at trade fairs, tastings, or in wine establishments, this presenter is the perfect tool to highlight your best wines. His thoughtful dimensions (190 x 80 x 32 cm) allow to accommodate several bottles, attracting more curious looks. Its sleek and elegant design adapts to all environments and emphasizes the quality of your products. Customize it with your logo, visuals and messages to create a strong visual impact and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

       An authentic development : Opt for authenticity with the San José Advertising Display in wood plywood, a natural and durable material. This display adds a warm touch to your stand or shop, thus strengthening the emotional connection with your audience. By choosing customization in quadrichromia, you benefit from a bright color palette to captivate attention. Thanks to its capacity of 30 kg per shelf, this display can accommodate different varieties of wines, offering them optimum visibility. Make your sales space a real marketing asset with this personalized display, reflecting the essence of your brand.

       Make the spirits today : At ABC Print, we are passionate about creating unique and impactful advertising displays. Our San José Advertising Display is the ideal choice to give your wines the exhibition they deserve. We understand the importance of personalization to convey your message and brand identity. Let us accompany you in the creation of your custom display that will shine your wines and stand out from competition. Do not lose another minute, ask now your custom quote on and offer your wines the value they deserve.

The Advertising display San José wood plywood is the perfect choice to showcase your wines and seduce your customers. Its high strength, toolless assembly and customization make it a versatile advertising tool for various occasions. Opt for the authenticity of the wood and create a strong visual impact with a personalized display reflecting your brand. At ABC Print, we are here to accompany you in the creation of a unique display that will mark the spirits. Don’t miss this opportunity, ask your quote on now and stand out with elegance and originality.


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