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1 color white polyester VOID labels


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Eyewitness to deception

VOID labels provide agencies and manufacturers with an ideal response, where in fact there are many risks of illegal opening and ways of fraud and falsification.

Self-elimination and non-transferable

As soon as the label is lifted and also torn off, the VOID security pattern (this word means: create a void, cancel) separates from the film, but also returns to the object where the label was stuck. Definitely self-destructed, VOID labeling has become non-transferable. Not reusable, therefore it is impossible to reconstitute it, but also to glue it on another substrate for any subsequent use.

Proof that a product is suitable open

By using this practically insoluble device to be reconstituted, the VOID process deters the tear off of the label and offers a guarantee of authenticity in the face of numerous fraudulent activities.


Protected by a transparent lamination, VOID labels are resistant to friction, humidity, oils and tallow and more commonly to industrial environments.


Validity check, opening of seals, warranty suspensions of devices …


  • UV luminescence
  • Reconditioning in reels
  • Packaging in cardboard dispensers


  • backing: 3M white polyester
  • adhesive: permanent
  • printing: 1 color
  • finishing : –
  • weight: –
  • thickness: 75 µ
  • adhesive type: acrylic / solvent
  • backing type: glassine
  • backing thickness: 80 µ
  • tear resistance: strong
  • initial tack: strong
  • final adhesion: strong
  • Min installation temperature: 5 ° C
  • Min operating temperature: -40 ° C
  • Max operating temperature: 120 ° C
  • packaging: film reels

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Personalized labels VOID: The Anti-Fraude Solution for Protecting Your Products!

Prevent any falsification with our VOID labels that disable and leave an indelible mark when taken. Guarantee of authenticity and resistance to industrial environments.


      Security Anti-Fraude: Prevents illegal opening and attempts to falsify.

      Evidence of Integrity: The VOID pattern leaves a mark on the object when trying to remove the label.

      Resistant durability: Protected by a transparent coating, they resist friction, humidity and oils.


       Validity check : Ideal for validity control, VOID labels guarantee the integrity of your products.

       Safety of seals : Use them for seal openings and device warranty suspensions.

       Fiabilité Anti-Fraude : The VOID process discourages any attempt to remove the label, providing proof of authenticity.

       Customization and Option Luminescence U.V : Choose custom options according to your needs, including luminescence U.V.

Make sure your products are protected against falsification attempts with our custom labels VOID high quality. For optimal safety and proof of authenticity, visit now and ask for a custom quote. End the risk of fraud and protect your business with our VOID labels.


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