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Transparent labels removable adhesive MAT LAMINATE


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The label is not visible

Fading away from consumer clichés, this label material is virtually imperceptible. It is discreet, and only your visual creation appears on a container. If the latter is transparent, it is the content that appears in the background of the printed look. The matt lamination finish makes your support translucent.

Long lasting over time

Optionally, varnish or glossy lamination provide effective protection for your labels against hostile environments, friction, grease, but also cleaning with water.


Gone are the days of the majority of supplements for personalized, anti-symmetrical, silhouettes and complicated die-cut dies. Eliminating the need for direct labeling, the transparent label is an excellent choice for direct screen printing on glass or blister bottles.


Cosmetics, spirits and drinks, decoration, delicatessen, gourmet gifts, packaging …


  • Unit cut
  • Cut in sheets
  • Detachable nets
  • Reconditioning in reels
  • Packaging in cardboard dispensers
  • Change of series text, color or visual in four colors


  • backing: transparent polyester
  • adhesive: removable
  • finish: matt PET lamination
  • printing: four-color with white backing
  • weight: 140 g
  • thickness: 105 µ
  • adhesive type: acrylic / water-based
  • backing type: glassine
  • backing thickness: 63 µ
  • tear resistance: strong
  • initial tack: low
  • final adhesion: low
  • Min installation temperature: 5 ° C
  • Min operating temperature: -20 ° C
  • Max operating temperature: 80 ° C
  • packaging: film reels

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The invisible label that highlights your message! Discover our custom transparent labels in high-quality adhesive polypropylene with matt coating for subtle and effective communication.

Key benefits:

      An absolute discretion: The transparent label lets your visual creation express without interference.

      Guaranteed durability: Vernis or matt coating to protect your labels from external attacks.

      Smartly save: Finish the cut die supplements, choose the transparent label.


       Discreation that says long : Our transparent custom labels blend perfectly with your containers, almost imperceptible. Only your visual appears on the container, while the matt coating gives your support a translucent finish. Your message is highlighted in a subtle way, without distractions.

       Sustainable protection : Opt for a communication that lasts with our resistant labels. Thanks to the choice between varnish or matt coating, your labels are safe from hostile environments, rubbing, greases and water cleaning. Your communication remains impeccable in all circumstances.

       Smart economy : Enjoy an economical and practical solution with our transparent labels. Finished custom cut die supplements, this option also removes the need for direct marking. Opt for the transparent label and save without compromising quality.

       For all your applications : Our labels adapt to multiple areas, such as cosmetics, spirits and drinks, decoration, fine grocery, gourmet gifts and packaging. Whatever your area, they allow you to communicate effectively and elegantly.

Discover our custom transparent labels for discreet and impacting communication. Protected and sustainable, they adapt to all your needs. Rendez-vous on to ask for a quote and give life to your ideas! Make your brand shine with our invisible labels.


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