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Boost your communication with a personalized table flag with pole

One custom table flag is an elegant and subtle decoration for any event. These mini flags are suitable for business meetings, conferences, promotional events. This advertising product can be designed according to the type of customer or visitor you will receive. It’s a great choice to brighten up a conference room or to promote a brand.

A beautiful decoration must offer a good impression. Therefore, plebiscite the professional to whom you will entrust your project.

The personalized table flag: a good marketing tool

A table flag can be printed with a company logo, slogan, photo or artwork. Several companies choose the mini table flag because of its cheap price, design, easy installation, less bulky transportation. These mini flag designs are available in a multitude of sizes, styles, and colors.

One custom table flag Also is a perfect and memorable gift for parties or other occasions. Its durability and resistance make it the most popular item. For colleagues, collaborators, clients, make a stylish statement at the best price.

The best part of the custom flag is its versatility. It operates for a variety of different purposes, from corporate gatherings to promotional events and special occasions. No matter when or where, these displays will set you apart! With a custom table flag, you can communicate your message in a contemporary and chic way.

A mini flag is a good advertising product that can be displayed on a table or desk. From these locations, you can spread the word about your business. Or for example, a school can market these flags for a fundraiser and alumni can provide them to support the school.

Choose your custom table flag

For each flag, you can choose the model that best represents your color. On Abcprint, you will discover:

– A base of multiple flags: with this product, you can present step flags in different ways. For example, you welcome visitors from other countries, you can put your company flag in the center of these other flags. Different options such as chrome supports, a European block with all member states of the European Union, individual packaging can make your base original.

– The burger flags: the material used to make these mini flags is 135 grs/m² offset paper. The format is approximately 30 x 50 cm. For better visibility, the flag is printed on both sides.

– The counter flag: the basic material is satin. A perfect decoration for water sports enthusiasts.

– The satin table flag: good quality material, 90% polyester. The dimension is 20 x 8 cm. To top it off, HD double-sided printing can create a good visual impact. The structure includes a wooden support.

– The mini beachflag: it is a very dynamic little flag thanks to its round shape. This elegant flag can be displayed on a counter for an office. In satin 90% polyester, this fabric is printed on both sides to be visible. It includes a wooden structure. Possible options are chrome support, different front and back image, individual packaging.

Do not hesitate to browse our site to discover other models of mini flags. And please contact us for more information about the custom table flag.

Place an order with a professional

For your design custom table flag, call Abcprint, the leader in printing on promotional items. The delivery and printing time of your orders will be made on the scheduled date. Trust a professional.