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Toro stand

The Toro Stand is an umbrella or pop-up stand that allows you to attach the printed fabric with the Velcro closure. The wall structure is light, it is easy to unfold, and the popup system, when unfolded, locks with clips.

The Toro model is perfect for conferences or business meetings, it will also allow you to display your exhibition space. Walls based on the POP-UP structure can be folded and unfolded quickly, making it easy to create a background with large format advertising.

  • The fabric is polyester 205 grs / m2; washable and flame retardant.
  • Velcro is sewn around the visual.
  • The structure is light and durable. The fabric is perfectly stretched and emphasizes the graphics.

The advantages of this stand:

  • The pop-up type system is locked using clips.
  • The fabric is fixed with a velcro strip
  • Construction is light and stable
  • Excellent print quality

The set includes: the complete system, the printed fabric and the transport bag with wheels.

Stand height: 2.26 meters

Two widths: 2.26 and 3.01 meters

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Attract the eyes of your target customers with the personalized umbrella stand

The Toro stand is an umbrella or pop-up stand that is one of the most suitable ways to limit the size of your dedicated space at trade events, trade shows or other exhibitions. It is a very practical advertising wall model that will, among other things, aesthetically present the brand image of your company and your products. The Umbrella stand custom has a quality fabric positioned with velcro. The visual can extend over the entire surface of the stand wall so that visitors can identify you among the mass of competition. It is a collapsible equipment with a very light structure. Its unfolding is at least very easy. Once unfolded, the pop-up system locks with clips. It is a system which leaves transport easy and space-saving.

The Toro stand is an advertising tool suitable for conferences or business meetings. It is fully customizable according to your expectations. It exists in straight shape and not curved like other models we have. It can be improved on your available space at the show, by adding: table, chairs, counter, … in PVC or wood, this will go very well with this stand made of aluminum and fabrics.

Why choose a personalized umbrella stand?

  • The stand umbrella custom Toro is provided with a quality polyester fabric with a density of 205 grs / m2. The fabric is washable and flame retardant. The Toro textile umbrella stand is easy to maintain and can be reused indefinitely until the fabric wears out. The velcro closure system which is sewn around the visual allows the fabric to attach itself impeccably straight with great stability. The Toro stand also has a light and durable structure that allows you to transport it with great convenience. Whatever the conditions in which you have the stand, its structure will allow it to easily adapt to the environment. Thanks to a perfectly stretched fabric and with the greatest aestheticism, your company logos, products or services to be presented to the public will be well highlighted. The Toro textile umbrella stand prints front and side.
  • The highlight of this umbrella stand is the pop-up type mounting system that locks into place with clips. Easy and ultra practical, this kind of stand can save you a lot of time during your various professional events. For maximum stability and security, the Toro umbrella stand has chosen to attach the fabric with Velcro tape. No chance that the fabric will accidentally come off once you install it correctly.
  • The Toro textile umbrella stand also benefits from a lightweight and stable construction. Indeed, the transport and installation of such equipment can sometimes be cumbersome. With this exceptional model, you will have no worries thanks to its highly technical structure.
  • The Toro Umbrella Stand is a great advertising medium with premium print quality. For all fabric replacement requests and for other purposes, we are happy to receive your orders.
  • The Toro Custom Umbrella Stand is a very complete stand model. This model contains all the elements necessary for its assembly and transport. Namely: the removable structure, the fabric, and a wheeled transport bag.

Buy your personalized umbrella stand at is the professional store where you can find the best Toro custom umbrella stand design. We have at our disposal two different types of sizes for this model of stand. The Small model with a dimension of 226 x 226 x 30 cm (3 x 3) for a total weight of 16.4 kg. The medium model with a dimension of 226 x 301 x 30 cm (3 x 4) for a total weight of 20.7 kg. Obviously, both models have been designed with the required quality standards that we care to offer you every day. Our team is a team of experts who are attentive to your most demanding needs and who give you the solution for all the problems.

Entrust us with your advertising projects and we will take care of them in the best possible conditions. Our know-how in printing in general and a personalized umbrella stand will be your best asset for your next trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences.

Ordering your Toro personalized umbrella stand at guarantees you a quality printing product with exceptional service provided by specialists. We are able to create quality support for your business for all your advertising and promotions.

Request your personalized umbrella stand now

  • Buy your custom umbrella stand directly on our seller site With our online sales platform, you will have no problem placing your order thanks to an easy and secure interface. To do so, choose the corresponding product. Check the options offered or choose from the drop-down menus. The product characteristics will be presented to you in as much detail as possible to facilitate your choice. All you have to do is add the corresponding product to your shopping cart and confirm the order. Our personalized umbrella stand is sold from 245 € HT.
  • For the technical design of the Toro Custom Umbrella Stand, you must upload your print files and send them to us. If necessary, our team of graphic designers will take care of adapting them according to the needs of the exhibition stand for a better visual and aesthetic presentation. In this case, no additional printing costs will be billed to you.
  • We will then take care of sending you proof of your order by email, and so that you can validate the visuals that we offer in the meantime. Once we have your agreement, we proceed directly to the materialization of your order (printing of the stand, design, etc.).
  • Usually, the umbrella stand delivery time is counted from the moment we get your approval on the proof. This period is then 6 to 7 days as standard. There is also the possibility of faster express delivery at abcprint.
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