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An advertising lounge chair, the ideal advertising tool

An advertising bouncer is an ideal choice for outdoor marketing. Durable and easy to maintain, it can last for many years, so you won’t have to spend a lot of money on long-term communication. If you want to use a promotional product, you can choose a reasonably priced but functional product, such as the advertising lounge chair.

Whether you use the chair at your next event or use it on a patio, in the garden, on a beach, you will be sure to reap the benefits of its quality.

Say yes, for an advertising lounge chair

The history of advertising lounge chairs dates back to the 19th century. The use of decorative chairs as an advertising tool has given companies a boost in promoting their products and/or services. In addition to its practical value to the customer, a advertising lounge chair can also be an extension of the company’s brand image. Its attractive design and comfort make potential customers feel at home.

In addition to being outdoor, a chair can also be used in an office or in trade shows. These chairs are perfect for relaxing and strengthening business-customer bonds. Your company logo can be printed on the durable canvas.

When launching a commercial campaign, it is crucial to have a good strategy. Well-designed and optimized advertising is an effective way to attract new customers. But first, know your target since it plays a key role in successful advertising.

Abcprint Armless Lounge Chairs

Do you want a good advertising medium for your events? But which one? On the Abcprint website, there are several models of inexpensive, robust and trendy advertising deckchairs. All of our loungers provide you with long-lasting communication and offer you opportunities.

– The Premium chaise longue is a classic deckchair with four-color printing. A thicker and very solid structure. This deckchair model is available in two different sizes.

– The lounge chair without armrests, with a pillow. The canvas and the pillow are fully customizable with images, logo, slogan, advertising texts.

– A deckchair without armrests, with footrest and sun visor. Several sizes are available. You can also personalize this trendy chair.

– The personalized children’s deckchair. It is customizable in four colors or in 1 color screen printing. A multitude of options are possible to meet your needs. The frame is made of durable natural wood.

Young and old alike can enjoy a good siesta with a advertising logue chair. This is an opportunity to print advertising messages on it.

Contact an expert to create your projects.

For the manufacture of a advertising lounge chair, place your order online. But first, visit our site, you can find out the product features there. Then click on the product that best suits you. Order and send us the vector file, this will allow us to make a model. The delivery of your purchases will be made from the day you validate the proof. For further information, contact our team. Your order will be delivered within the expected time.