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Advertising flags


Flag mesh 110 grs.
Four-color printing, sublimation ink.
Printing on the front and back are transparent.
Sewn hem as standard.
All possible finishes: straps, sleeves, eyelets, hooks, etc.

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Date de livraison prévue : 27 / 05 / 2022
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Advertising flag: enjoy professional quality fabric printing

Organizations, associations, companies, all other forms of entity operating in the professional field and private individuals can be the main users of the advertising flag. This flag remains an ideal medium for any visual communication need in order to promote products and services, to identify oneself to affirm one's belonging,… and in some cases to simply decorate. It is the classic of classics among the existing promotional items of the moment. By performing a print flag fabric at an expert, be sure to seduce a crowd of people with great ease. Once this flag is hoisted, the movement of its sail which is rocked to the rhythm of the winds will direct the gaze towards these types of visuals. Of course, the advertising flags we create are versatile items that can be used to support a sporting event or promote a business. Aesthetically, its rectangular format gives it a classic look that allows it to be versatile. Indoors or outdoors, for official or unofficial events, regardless of the environment they are in, they will remain operational and ultra efficient visual communication media. Indeed, our advertising flags can be personalized according to your wishes. You can decline them with your colors and print any image representative of your activity, your products, etc.

Whatever your status or the activity in which you operate, know that making a print flag fabric at Abcprint is a good option to improve your visibility.

Personalized advertising flags: tailor-made products to your image

Abcprint's personalized flags are tailor-made solutions that we reserve for you to significantly improve your notoriety. Professionals in the field of the sale and design of different kinds of advertising medium, we pay attention to your many requirements in relation to the quality of the products you want to have. This is why we strive every day to give the best of ourselves, and to focus on the quality of the productions.

The quality ofprint flag fabric is one of the assets that have made our success with our customers. Our team of competent specialists provides all their know-how, various technical and technological means in order to create for you personalized flags that meet your expectations. Therefore, digital sublimation ink printing is the right option that we offer you for the realization of your personalized flag. This printing technique allows you to reproduce your various photos optimally on the sail of the flag.

Theprint flag fabric for this flag is performed only on the reverse side of the sail. This has no impact on the visual quality of this category of advertising medium since the graphic can be seen on the reverse side thanks to the transparent quality of the fabric. All in all, you can expect a quality visual that offers a 360 ° view once the flag is hoisted high. However, these custom flags do not have flagpoles initially. But, since these are ordinary advertising flags, you will have no trouble finding other matching flags that will easily adapt to this kind of advertising medium.

In order to maintain a certain line of quality, the variety of fabric that we use for the manufacture of the sail of your personalized flag has been chosen according to the needs of the product so that it performs at all times. Indeed, the personalized flag is very resistant and is intended for use in conditions that are not always comfortable and to be exposed in extreme climates (winds, sunburns, humidity, etc.). Of course, advertising flags are meant to be used for as long as possible. As a result, the polyester fabric with a density of 110 grs / m2 was drawn from the lot, because it has all the related characteristics.

Our advertising flags also find advantages through the quality of their finishes. Compared to other styles of the genre, our designs excel in every way. Indeed, our advertising flags are tailor-made articles, so we adapt each of our creations according to the wishes of the customers. What makes each piece we create unique. In addition, the assembly can be optimized. We also offer different varieties of finish for this flag: straps, sleeves, eyelets, hooks, etc.

So whatever your real doubts about the advertising media or theprint flag fabric, we will ensure that they are relayed by great satisfaction.

Print your advertising flags at and receive your order as soon as possible

One of the most operational marketing tools that can seduce a good number of people and succeed in selling in the best performance is the advertising flag. In order to spice up your visual advertising, today we are offering you the opportunity to make your print flag fabric quality from a professional. Apart from a regular flag, we also offer other styles of pub flags in all sizes and sizes to satisfy our customers and accessories such as rotating system, bases.

Count on our team to print your advertising flags with the excellent services of the moment. You can order advertising flags directly from our seller site with ease. Just define the quantity you want to have printed and get in touch with our managers. To know the unit price and the various conditions of sale relating thereto, please fill in the information concerning you so that our team can contact you. We will carefully establish a feasibility plan for your project. Send us your graphics as digital files according to the instructions given by our graphic designers. Once worked by our graphic designers, your graphics will be used for the realization of various prototypes. You will not be charged any additional costs. Once operational, our team will offer you matrices for your future advertising flags. If one of our proposals corresponds to your wishes. We are waiting for your confirmation to carry out theprint flag fabric (supported by proof by email), and we move on to the physical realization of your project.

The delivery time is normally counted from the creation of the proof. We do everything possible to ensure that you receive your package as soon as possible. Choose the right designer to order your marketing material.

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